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May 23, 2010

This and that...

Nothing says you're a real author than when you find your first novel up for free download on a pirate site. It was a forum and one of the posts had a link to a download site. I joined up just enough to post, letting them know while I appreciated the free advertisement, I would rather they didn't pirate my book because I'd like to get paid for my work.

The next day, the thread had been removed from the forum. LOL.

I also followed the link to a download hub for P2P downloads, and left them a Cease and Desist notice, although they have a disclaimer about copyrighted items since they don't host the downloads, but they'd investigate it. We'll see.

How sad is it that I'm excited that I picked up a glucose meter? LOL Wal*Mart had one for $9.00 and I've been wanting one for years. My parents are borderline diabetic, controlling it with diet, and as I am a "fluffy" girl, I need to be on the extra careful watch of this. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, but they caught it so late in the pregnancy, it didn't matter all that much in regards to medications or diet. So, Mr. Nursing Student Husband has been practicing on me. Heh, we're going to run out of lancets and test strips just on me. I keep telling him to "poke me", and not in the way he wants. LOL.

I've been waffling back and forth between reviews. I've not received any reviews for my book and this worries me. It's that bad? Then, I worry that someone will post a bad review and then everyone will know it sucks, so I'm afraid to submit it to any review sites. Yes, I'm a big chicken. Of course, then I hear authors don't pay attention to reviews because they're just opinions and everyone has one. One person may like it, the next will hate it, and do reviews really matter?

In to chapter nine of "Dead of Night". I'm halfway through writing the book!

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Theeo123 said...

As a friend and someone VERY well versed in these matter, be careful with those cease & desist and DMCA take-down orders. because those sights AREN'T hosting the files.

if you e-mail them nicely they will usually help, but if you actually leave them a DMCA type notice, there is legal precedent for them to take action against you, because of the fact that the files aren't hosted directly.

The law get's very murky here, and can change drastically based on where the server is physically hosted, which may or may not be the same place as their bandwidth is bought from etc.

So just as an FYI, try the non-legal-document route first whenever possible, they are usually fairly good about respecting people. also that way, you have a e-mail/paper trail. it leaves you in a far less actionable position, and then if they refuse to help, take it to the next step.

Isobael Liu said...

It's a standard, copyright infringement notice from my publisher to use...

And the download site has a page for a disclaimer where they say they can't do crap since they just host the hub, not the files, but to let them know you're filing a complaint about it and they'll look into it.

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