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May 26, 2010

Mid-life crisis and makeup...

Ahhh, I've hit mid-life crisis. Why else would I blog and snap a million pictures, of my makeup case and write about ordering and receiving said makeup? LOL

When I was younger, I wore cover up and eyeliner. That was pretty much it. Mostly because I couldn't put makeup on like the other girls, no one taught me. There were no classes in school that teaches one to apply makeup. My sister, two years younger, hadn't perfected her technique, nor taken cosmetology classes yet, so I did as I always had as I hit my 20's.

After having my daughter, who had time for makeup? LOL. I was lucky if I could put myself in a tshirt and jeans. No place to go, anyway. I was a parent. No more night clubbing, no more dinners out, no more social life. If I went out for a rare special occasion, my sister did my hair and makeup because I'd fly into a panic at the thought of going out, of having to make myself pretty.

And then...

Someone flipped a switch and OMG! Makeup!

You know, my sister will read this and laugh her ass off.

So, for my birthday, I ordered from Eyes Lips Face (because OMG! Makeup! is MUCH better when it's OMG! Makeup for a $1.00!) as a treat for myself. Plus, I really needed new stuff. Well, let's show you why...

(Some of this stuff was OLD...!)

And so, this is what I got in the mail today!

All of that (well, the brushes were free if I spent $20 or more!) for about $29.00 including shipping.

I so love Eyes Lips Face.


Sandra Sookoo said...

LOL Good luck with the new look. It's always a huge pain in the butt to experiment with makeup. I order once a year from Bare Minerals. :-)

Aubrie said...

I needed a course in applying make up in high school! Unfortunately, none of my friends wore make up as well, so I didn't learn how to put it on until college! Good luck with your make up art :)

morseren said...

I can certainly recommend getting makeup tips at any MAC counter or store and you are not expected to buy anything...although the temptation is great:)

Glad you like the E.L.F. stuff. I use their brow gel and some lipgloss.

Rebecca W.

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