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April 28, 2010

In which I drool over HanFu's...

Good morning! We're in the last stretch, heading toward Release Day. Five days! I don't know whether to curl up into a ball under the covers, burst into tears, or snap at my family if they remind me one more time. Nervous wreck over here, people!

The new WIP has been a wonderful distraction. While I'm only on chapter six, it does keep my mind off things. Of course, then I get distracted with research. The beautiful Chinese clothes! Yes, it's set in modern time USA, but there are parts in the story in which I need to research the past to make this more realistic. Historical, traditional clothing, sword fighting, and social

All eye candy. I'm already planning on buying a Hanfu when I have the money. I've always wanted one, ever since I saw the paintings my Ai-ee (Aunt) did. I believe they were painted before I was born, or roughly around the time I was born. Click to enlarge.

I used to covet their clothes! I've always loved the long, flowing sleeves, even on my shirts today.

So when I found a couple of websites that actually made Hanfu's, you better believe i bookmarked those suckers. I think I spent six hours yesterday just scouring the net for Hanfu's and prices, even patterns (which there is a definite lack of!)

I found one I absolutely LOVE.

Aren't they GORGEOUS?!?

I've also been looking at Chinese headdresses. There are some out there that are just plain to die for. I kind of wish I kept my long hair!

Then I remember how thick and heavy my hair is and am glad it's short. Maybe I'll grow it out some, just long enough to do something with, but not too long. =)


Aadoria said...

Very beautiful, I can see you wearing those and then hanging them all over the house as decoration.

Wendy Marcus said...

Release Day! How cool is it to say that! Good luck and happy shopping!

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