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April 19, 2010

The State of Isobael...

Good morning! =)

I just finished prepping for dinner and I ought to eat something, but am enjoying my cup of Darjeeling too much right now. The kid's about ready to go to the bus stop. She actually got up on her own this morning, took a shower, ate breakfast, and all without me having to remind her, yell at her, threaten her...our usual morning routine. *Dances*

I finished Chapter Three last night and will embark on Chapter Four as soon as things settle.

I've also reached the stage in which I do NOT want to hear about my book or the release date from the family. I don't know whether it's from nerves or fear of it bombing horribly, but I shush them when they start to talk about it. I did, however, spend 33.00 from my "business" account to buy Quicken Starter Edition in order to keep track of finances for my writing. I need to find out if I should get a business license and if WA state has "Author" listed as a business.

How's everyone? Did you have a good weekend? =)


Sandra Sookoo said...

You know, you can just as easily track expenses in Excel by designing a spreadsheet. I don't think you'll need a business license. LOL

Good luck on the release!

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