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April 19, 2010

What the heck...CONTEST!!!

You know what? Screw 50 Followers. Let's have a contest.

Because I am horrible about waiting and I really need to be distracted. =)

Here's the contest.

1. Follow my blog. I'm not a prolific blogger so it's not like you're going to get bombarded with stuff to read.
2. Comment on this post and ask me a question. Ask me anything.
3. The contest will run from Monday (today) 4/19/2010 to Friday 4/23/2010, midnight Pacific Time.
4. Saturday, I'll post the answers and announce the winner.

Winner will receive a nice little gift bag with some stuff in it, but I'm not telling you what it is until Saturday, when the winner is announced. =)

Winner will be chosen from all entries. Each entry, in order as received, will be assigned a number. Winner will be selected via random draw by the official number drawing person (my 12 year old daughter).

The only rule is - You MUST be a U.S. citizen OR the prize must be mailed to a U.S. address. Sorry. 

Sounds pretty easy, huh? Good, because it is.





Anonymous said...

You did say to ask you anything, so here goes: if you were to have your werewolf character Matthias over for tea, what tea would you serve him?

morseren said...

Darn, Sonya beat me to the tea question. So I have a silly one. Would Matthias wear a cravat? I think I would love to see him transported back to 1880 just to find out;)


Della R. Buckland said...

Yeah contest! ;) - Have to ask a question...hmmmmmmm - so many, so little time - okay reduced it to just one - Where have you ever gotten your craziest idea?

BreiaB said...

What did you do to celebrate the acceptance of your manuscript ?


Robin K said...

What types of books do you enjoy reading? Any new authors we should try?

Kareena said...

How much did you put aside in your "business account" to start your business(writing)? Did the bank hassle you at all about starting a 2nd account?

I'm interested in all the "background" financial stuff of starting a WA-based business if you care to share any tips you've learned along the way. :)


Erica said...

Would you rather be the object of affection for a vamp, or a were?

Piedmont Writer said...

Who is your favorite character form literature?

I am me said...

at what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Deb said...

Shoot, "I am me" asked the question I was going to ask. :) Okay, here's another question that I have. When you wrote Moonlight and Magick, did you know how it was going to end when you began writing or did that evolve (and change?) as you wrote?

KarenL said...

Hi Isobel, I came over from FB. You have a wonderful site page here :) I love the colors and the themes.
Question: Hod did you gather your research for you book?

Best Wishes,

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