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July 14, 2009

Some feedback and my replies...

Answering some readers' feedback...

Names will be withheld for privacy. If they wish to comment with their names, then by all means, they have the freedom to do that. All feedback is straight cut and paste, in its original message, unedited except to remove their identities.

Very good, as are all of your stories. I am wating for the rest of this enticing tale. Yes, you have cught us readers in your suspense once again as we await the determination of just what Lillian might be. It is disappointing the white stag dispenses with the lupine in such a perfunctory manner. My romantic leanings were preparing for a unon of Mattthias and Lillian. And the death of her coworker is really a shame as she was truly innocent of anything to do withe Lillian. That killing seemed inappropriate as now the killer can learn nothing from her.
Thank you again for sharing this with us

Thank you for the feedback.

There are reasons for the White Stag's behavior toward the Lupine, which will be revealed later in the story.

The death of Peggy was a plot point, used to show Stephan's madness. She was an innocent, yes, but bad things happen to innocent people, even in stories, and her death was a catalyst. I'm not sure how you mean by inappropriate, as Stephan believed he killed Peggy because Peggy told the "bad guys" about Lilian. He saw it as a betrayal on Peggy's part and thus, eliminated her.

hi, i actually tried to post to your blog, but
couldn't. well anyway. wow, great job and great
story. i love this version even better than the
previous. also, i think that the innocent dying in
this story furthers the feeling of how evil the
individual is.

I'll check to see what's up with Blogger about comments. Did it direct you to another page or was the comment form on the same page as the blog?

Thank you for the feedback.

Exactly. Evil and insane. =) He had his reasons, as twisted as they may be, he thought it to be logical.

I am patiently waiting for Moonlight and Magic to mature but I have to say that I really like the first version; I'm waiting to see where your going to take this one. Either way, your an excellent writer and at the end of the day; I'm really going to love it even more! Thanks for allowing us into your world

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories.

Yes, it's a bit slow. Unfortunately, it's made to feel even more slow because of the website's slow posting. This version is meant to be a novel, or at least novel length and so the actions isn't as up front and direct.

love your stories they kick ass

Thanks! LOL.

Woo-hoo! Love the new posting, now I need to drag up my old druid and celtic lore. Oh my, I love the possibilities of two strong cultures that had a historical face off.

I totally missed her silver eyes. I wonder what Matthias think of her scent? I wonder how Lillian feels inside his head? Argh, and poor Peggy! I'm pins and needles about what could happen to Peggy's body. You are wonderfully evil with the cliff hangers.

However I still feel the sexual tension is barely percolating, especially in the library, where L&M behaved more like students researching a school project than two adults learning about each other.
Thank you for your post! I do love your work, please keep writing.

Thanks for the feedback.

What you're reading is the first draft of the story as I set it down. Second and third drafts will get the much needed edited details added (or removed!) when I get the whole story down.

Thanks for pointing out a few things I need to make note of. =)

i just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the
Blackwater Series. I hope that one day you will
publish them as books. It's an AWESOME story. I
think you'd do quite well :D

If a publisher wants to publish a series of novellas, than I'd LOVE to have them published. Not sure if they'd go for it, or if all the stories would be published in one book. They still need to be gone through to do some editing though, but thank you for your kind, supportive words!


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