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July 23, 2009

My writing process...

So, C.L.Dreamer and I were chatting it up on IM about our writing process, notes, and carrying a notebook around with us.

I decided to take pictures of my writing process to share how I do it.

I'm not lucky enough to have a whiteboard or foam core board (yet) in order to plot out my story. What I do is write out the general idea of the story first in a notebook. In this case, I use a spiral bound graph paper notebook. (don't mind my cable bill!)

So, I scribble out a general outline of the story. I make a few changes as I go, but for the most part, I have a very basic outline for the story I'm going to write. This also serves as a great way for me to keep in mind of the story idea, in case I decide not to write it soon, maybe putting it off for another story idea. I can always come back to it later.

Then, I put it on my laptop, in a Word file. Again, very basic outline. I might make a few changes here and there while I'm inputting it.
I use this document when I write too, because I can cut and paste the chapter plot points into my chapter and have a running note of what I need to accomplish in that chapter. Any changes are notated.

From there, I print it out and put it in my 3-ring binder. My binder is sectioned off according to the title of the story. I'll keep notes, names, charts in that story's section as well.

Nice and neat isn't it? LOL

Not for long. From there, I start writing the story. As I write, I make a LOT of adjustments and changes to the outline, keeping note of it in my binder.

There are times I take a break from writing on the ms. like, to eat, or spend some family time. I take my notebook with me. As I'm watching tv or carrying on conversation, sometimes I get a brainstorm or idea, and I jot it down in the notebook.My notes might not be in order when I write them down, but I number them and track them with lines and arrows.

So, when I finish a chapter, the chapter plot points are pasted into another Word document, Outline2. This is the final outline for the story, having every plot point that's in the chapter. I also keep a chapter word count as well. Any changes such as during editing will have a new document for each draft.
So, when I am writing on my story, I have a minimum of four Word documents open. The ms, the first outline, the second outline, and a document for any trivia or info I need that I've collected, or if I come across any trivia or info, I can copy and paste it into my notes document.

And that is my writing process. =)


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