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July 1, 2009


Chapter Six - so far...

Total Word Count - so far...

Not so good today. Too much was going on. Now, trying to update my daughter's laptop (she has my old one so it's a bit of a clunker) and it's taking up my writing time.

Anyway, can't even keep my eyes open and I still have to make Spike's lunch for work tomorrow.

I'll trudge off to bed when I'm done making his lunch.

Today was our start of Crabbing season. Spike dropped the pot this morning but when we all went out to get the pot, I learned a few things.

1. I HATE being in a small bow (we rowed out, the three of us. He rowed while Pixie-Brat had the bow, and I had the stern.
2. When pulling up the crab pot, and it's snagged on something below the water and the hubby is pulling hard, it rocks the boat. Hard. I hate that because of #1. Actually, hate wasn't the right term for #2. It TERRIFIED me...

I am not an open water type of person. I can be in a speed boat, I can swim in a lake, but I cannot swim in the Sound nor can I be in a row boat on the Sound.

Anyway...ok, make Spike's lunch, then bed time before I dislocate my jaw from yawning so much and so hard.

OH! Forgot to tell ya'll. I had to report an aggressive driver to the state patrol. Some lady in a silver SUV pulled into the Sportco parking lot behind us. We were trying to see if it was still open (they were closing) and she sped up to pass us, going an unsafe speed in the parking lot. She nearly clipped us. She got to the exit of the parking lot and we got to another one. Because of oncoming traffic, she had to wait, but we got out onto the road and she just guns her SUV out onto the road and was speeding up the road. If Spike hadn't of sped up a little, she would have rear ended us. So she's all honking her horn and gesticulating wildly so I grabbed my trusty digital camera and snapped pictures of her and her SUV, including license plate.

-She was cutting through the parking lot to avoid the interection.
-She was speeding through the parking lot.
-She passed us illegally in the parking lot.
-She was going a high rate of speed on the main road.
-She had to slam on her brakes to keep from slamming into our rear end.
-She was on the phone.

I hope the WSP give her a ticket.


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