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January 21, 2010

Tea time...

I love tea. I've written about it before and I'll probably always mention it somewhere until someone yells at me to knock it off.


I remember the days when I would get home from school, starving (ok, anyone who knows me or knows what I look like knows I have never starved, nor will ever starve!), but it was too early for dinner. we would get an after school snack before hitting the books to do homework.

I do the same thing with my daughter. When she gets home, she gets a snack and then it's home work time before I start the dinner process.

I have instigated "tea time" instead of after school snack.

I know what time the bus drops her off, so I have a pot of tea ready for when she walks in the door. I'll have snacks either made or store bought, set out on the nice china dishes. The china tea cups and saucers are set out as well.

Normally, I use my Asian tea pot, it's just easier, but today I changed it up and used the silver as instead of tea, I made mint tisane and added hot cocoa mix to it to make a mint cocoa.

We sit down and have tea and snacks, talk about her day in school, relax and chat. When tea time is done, I clean up and she gets cracking on that homework, and I get some writing done before I start dinner.

It's a nice little tradition and it gives us time to connect with one another, where we can act like ladies and she can practice the fine art of handling delicate china, and I can practice pouring and use my silver!


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