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January 13, 2010


So, after sending off my work to my assigned editor, I wait.

And wait...

and wait some more.

Of course, it wasn't all that long, but when you're a new writer and this is your first accepted piece, a few hours seems like forever!

I got the edits back and am going through everything with a fine toothed comb. Now, some people might feel dejected at the marks on their manuscript. Me? Not so much. To tell you the truth, I expected a heck of a lot more than I got. I fully expected to buy out the stock of TV dinners to fill the freezers of my house so my family wouldn't starve while I locked myself away in order to get through the next month of editing and rewrites.

My family is happy to report they still see me and know I'm alive.

I'm on Day 3 of edits. I had a couple of spots so far that needed to be rewritten, and a lot of little punctuation mistakes, as well as correcting what I had learned versus what the house wants in way of formatting or punctuating...some clarifications of what was written and what I meant versus what it was suppose to mean.

I am loving it all. Why? Because it means I'm learning how to be a better writer. Every constructive criticism, every mark, every correction on my manuscript means someone took the time to care about helping me better myself as a writer.

Do I agree with everything? Nope. There were a couple of things so far that I didn't agree with, one I did do as suggested, the other I asked for clarification on. Am I willing to compromise? You betcha. Especially if it means it strengthens my writing and didn't lessen the integrity of the story.

Ok, back to editing. I have to have this back to my editor on Friday. Ahhhh...deadlines. Another topic for another time. =)

Happy writing!


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