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January 3, 2010

Victorian Era, recipes, holidays, and...who what what?

Oh, the ideas. LOL.  So, I've been doing some research on Victorian mansions and whatnot for my new novel I'll be writing this year. I came across a PDF of some New Year's Recipes from the Victorian era and saved it to my HD. You can find it here:

So, I'm perusing the recipes and giggling at how simplistic recipes are back in the day. Some of them, I'm wondering how it even worked. as there are no directions, in the way of measurements. More along the lines of a little of this and a little of that.

So, now I'm on a Victorian kick again. Especially since the story I'm working on deals with Victorian references. No, not a historical novel. TOO much research for me there. LOL.

Can we say, "Thank goodness the holidays are over"?!? I thought it would never end! For some reason, I think a lot of people forget the holidays is suppose to mean good cheer, good wishes, joy. It's become too commercial, the malls are crowded, no one can remember one iota of good manners. We have people shoving and pushing, grabbing and yanking, swearing at others, knocking people over, in a rush to save money when shopping, or buying that perfect gift, or what have you.

When it gets to the point where it's dreaded to leave your house to go anywhere because of the holidays, something's wrong.

It was nice to have family here though. We hosted Christmas dinner and had the gang here. We had post dinner entertainment when my daughter and my eldest niece sing "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" for the family. We have it videotaped for potential blackmail fodder. LOL.

I'll be getting back the edits from my editor soon. I'm looking forward to seeing where I need to improve my writing. It's one step closer to my publishing goal. Yes, yes, I know. I can hear the "You just wait until you have to DO the edits, then you won't look toward doing them..." coming at me. Actually, I still look forward to it. I don't see it as the dreaded edits. I see it as the chance to improve myself and my skills to better my writing so that one day, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to hold a book in my hand, with my name as the author.

Ahhh...tomorrow, the kid and the husband go back to school. =)

I might be looking into going back to school as well. Not sure yet. Not sure what I'd go in for, either. I have so many interests but none would make a good career choice and a lot offered I have no interest in. Story of my life. =)

I'd love to be able to own an old Victorian Mansion and fix it up, make it into a Bed and Breakfast, or a small inn, or a tea house.

We almost had the chance once. A three story house, not quite Victorian, but it was on a little piece of property with a view of the Sound. It needed work.  We would have lived on the third floor and ran it as a B&B...

Didn't pan out though. Mostly because of a certain person whom we will not name nor go into detail about.


Just went to an antique mall down in Fife. LOTS of stuff from the 50's through the 60's with a few things from Victorian to the 30's. I was in heaven. Good thing I'm broke. LOL.

I have a few Victorian craft projects I have plans for. We'll see.


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