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November 9, 2009

Characters I'd invite to a party…

I just finished with my pre-edits and sent it off to my editor (I love being able to say that! LOL)

I thought I better update this blog before people decide to leave. Debated on what to write about. I didn't want to write about my writing because I think ya'll need a break from that. I didn't have any more recipes off the top of my head to post. Hmmm.

So, what if I wrote something different?

All right.

I'm having a party at my house. My invitations are spread out before me on the desk and I'm about ready to address them. Who do I invite?

Raven Whitney, from Christine Feehan's "Dark Prince".

She was the first heroine of the Carpathian series, that I read, and I fell in love with her. Sassy, yet caring, psychic and even scared to death of Mikhail, she still cared about his emotional state.

Venetia Milton, from Amanda Quick's "Second Sight".

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I'd invite ALL of Amanda Quick's heroines. They are too funny, spunky, and still classy.

Let's see…

Sookie Stackhouse, from Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels. She's a kickass character in the books. Not kick ass as in a fighter, but she has a sassy mouth and in her own way, she's a bright girl. With her, Eric Northman, because who WOULDN'T invite a Viking to a party?!?

I'd have to invite a few of my own characters, of course.

Amari from my "Untamed" novella, and Sayde from my "Beyond Words" novella (which is being rewritten to become a novel).

Amari is a young woman who ran away from an abusive stepfather and met a werewolf. They fight their feelings for one another, Amari because she's afraid and Peter because he's still in love with a childhood friend.

Sayde is a young woman who can kick butt, has magick abilities, and likes to flirt with danger. In this case, danger has a name; Christopher Collins, the city's Prince and vampire.

Ahhh. I'd invite Raziel. He's from my work in progress, "Dead of Night". Arrogant bastard that he is, but he's so sexy and intense.

Poor Raz. Looks like he's the only male. Not that he'd mind. The man has an evil grin on his face and looking forward to the attention (I really need to find him someone that'll bring him down a couple of notches!).

Well, there you go.

So, who would you invite? Why?



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