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June 10, 2011

Sunny days ahead...

Well, unless you live in WA state, then you just have to wait and see, otherwise expect rain.

Still, in the personal life front, things are looking up. Spike passed his LPN classes, took his NCLEX and passed, and is now a licensed LPN. He interviewed for and was just hired on at a facility he really wanted to work at, starts tomorrow (Saturday). The issue I have with it is it's swing shift, 2 to 10pm, and being a nurse, he can't leave at the end of his shift, he has to wait for the next shift to be on and updated on what's happened, what's happening, etc, so he might not even get out of work until 11 or even later. The money is decent for a just graduated LPN though. I'm just used to my husband being home at night.

Still in our current living situation, but hopefully we'll be able to get that taken care of.

In the writing area, it seems my Muse is tentatively visiting again. Depression took its toll this past year and I've not really been able to sit and write. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't. This past week, I've managed to write 11,000 words, so I'm slowly returning. I'll probably do more writing in the evenings this summer, when I don't need to be up so early to get Spike and our daughter off to their respective required locations, and can stay up late waiting for Spike to get home.

Currently untitled, I'm working on book 2 in the Moonlight series. This takes place about ten years later after Moonlight and Magick. We may have cameos of Lilian and Matthias, but for now, there'll be two new characters. Her name is Rayne, and she escaped during a raid on the Custodes Secreti compound in Skylar Ranch, Washington. His name is Dante Navarro, a shifter whose claimed BlackWater, Washington as his territory. There's a connection between the two in more ways than just matters of the heart. It'll be up to them to figure things out. Add in a few enemies, a couple of mysteries, and shake well.

I know it's been rather quiet in the blog front. I'm sorry for that.

So, there you have it.



Sonya Clark said...

So glad to hear you're writing again! I know how bad that can feel, when depression weighs you down so much you can't even do something you love as much as writing. Wishing you and your muse continued success!

Isobael Liu said...

Thanks, Sonya! Your support and encouragement means a lot to me!


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