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June 30, 2011


I've always been fascinated with hats and head decor. Unfortunately, I'm just one of those women who can't do hats well. Something about my fat face, or the shape of it, or something, but I've never been able to find a hat I look good in (and can afford!).

The Victorian era had fascinators, which were not hats, but hair decor on a small base. Bonnets and veils were more common, but fascinators were worn during special occasions, such as soirees, going to the theatre, operas, and balls.

Fascinators were more common during the late Victorian and into the Edwardian period, and were more than just tail feathers. Sometimes wings, or even the stuffed bird would be used, as well as feathers, faux flowers, ribbons, and tulle/veiling.

Between 1914, to about 1920 (maybe a little earlier), the obnoxious styles of the earlier years took a back seat again, and stately elegance resumed control of the feathers and fascinator style.

Now, again, I need to be able to afford this stuff and I've seen prices for little bits of feathers on a felt base and was flabbergasted! How the heck can they justify charging that much for a bit of nothing?!?

So, I decided to do it myself.

Ok, first of all, I am NOT (and there is not enough ways to emphasize this!) a crafty sort of person. Hands on crafts and I don't do well. I'm the writer of the family, my sister is the crafty hands on type, and my brother is just smart as hell when it comes to computers.

I tell you this because it's my disclaimer for the following images. LOL.

I drag my daughter to the craft store because she's interested in making them as well. I think it's more along the lines of "Mom's doing it so I want to" rather than any real interest in the things.

I buy out the craft store. Well, not really, of course, but my monthly allowance was gone in a matter of an hour.

Click on the images for full size...
This would be MY haul...

Oh, no, not my daughter...

She's being picky and only has a couple of items in her basket. She then looks at my goodies and asks, "So, you're going to share the feathers, right?"

I said, "Maybe."

She frowned and then said, "I better get some feathers."

LOL. She got one bag.

And this would be her haul.
Ok, so we get home and I start making mine.

*Peers through the monitors to eye my readers* No laughing!

Again, click on images for full view...
This is the first one I made. Made for the left side of the head.
This was the second one. Made for the right side of the head.
That little stone in the center is a small piece of unpolished tiger's eye.

There ya go. My first two hand made fascinators. =)

But wait! I'm not done!

Today, I decided to make a couple more. Mainly because the local Highland Games is coming up and we have a clan tent there (I'm the Clan Muirhead secretary and personal assistant to the Clan Chief). I wanted something to wear with my Celtic clothes while there. Plus, I'm bringing my kestrel, SgianDubh, so I wanted to be a bit elegant as well (Ok, vanity, I know...but since I'm in the Parade of Clans, and having her on my glove, I needed to look a bit snazzy...).

Click on the images for full size...
For the right side of the head. Short tulle drape.

Then this one...

Click on the images for full size...

This is for the left side of the head and has four long tulle drapes.

I LOVE the iridescent feathers!

I think my next ones will have peacock feathers. =)

What do you think?


GrumpyOldLady said...

That is beautiful! I love pheasant feathers

Isobael Liu said...

Thanks! I'm having fun making them. =)

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