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January 24, 2011

“Rules of Being A Lady.”

On the flip side, it seems women need some reminders as well.

I put together this list and printed it out for my 13 year old daughter as a primer for being a lady.

1. Never rely on your sexuality to get ahead in the world. It is not a weapon and it’s never, ever a form of currency. You have a mind and manners to gain respect.

2. Be gracious. Be grateful, not because it’s the right thing to be, but because you truly feel grateful. Show it and mean it. Be sincere.

3. Show criticisms in a tactful and constructive manner. Be mindful of the feelings you may hurt. You are not tearing down, you are building up.

4. Never spread gossip. Let it end with your ears and never with your lips.

5.  Be educated, think for yourself. If you cannot attend further schooling, then teach yourself. Seek out knowledge so you can have educated opinions. Have an understanding of the arts, sciences, politics. If you don’t know or can’t participate in a discussion, don’t.

6. Be strong. Develop your own moral code and conscience. Practice self control. Do not be a slave to your passions. Have high standards. Show respect and be deserving of respect.

7. Be graceful, not only in your own movements, but in your desire to make those around you feel at ease. Show hospitality and welcome in your home and business place. By being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings, you unconsciously make others feel comfortable.

8. Dress not to please others, but out of respect for yourself.

9. Never be patronizing. You never allow others to feel inadequate, or of lesser quality or being than yourself, even if their standards are different than your own. You may not agree with others, but you never make them feel less than a person for it.

10. Accept the opening of doors as an act of kindness and respect. Offer to pay your half of the bill, but never argue if a man insists. Allow a man (gentleman) to behave with propriety toward you and expect no less.

11.  Do not suffocate the people around you with overpowering body scents. A little goes a long way. On that note, keep yourself clean. Wash daily. Even a sponge bath is better than nothing at all. 


Rose said...

I love this post, especially the rule about not using your sexuality as a weapon. Great advice and very honest.

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