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September 1, 2010


So, here it is...

Our landlords had told us they were putting the house we were living in up for sale. The problem is, Spike is in school...not working thanks to the recession, and I'm a stay at home mom.

Anyway, they so "kindly" let us know we could stay as long as the house was on the market.

My parents' neighbor recently passed away and her daughter owns the house. They live a far distance away and we put a bug in some people's ears about us possibly renting it so the house didn't sit empty. The house needs work (Aunt May needed the doors widened for the wheelchair and the bathtub removed so she could wheel the chair into the shower), and the personal items and boxes of stuff need to be removed. We were given a tentative date of Sept 7th.

So, we got ourselves a couple of storage units and moved stuff over, downsizing, while we looked for a small trailer to park in my parents' driveway until the house was ready.

We found an 18 foot 1972 Prowler, in reasonable condition. We picked it up and brought it to my parents', set it up in the driveway and proceeded to finish the packing and moving. Our daughter is set up in my parents' spare room (which is my old bedroom).

So, Spike will do some work on it in exchange for rent.

Keeping our fingers crossed so we can get in there soon. Brat starts school on the 7th, Spike starts in the 9th.


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