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September 21, 2010


Let's see...

Falconry = going. SgianDubh is doing well. She's not so keen on the lure but then I'm not going to lure fly her either. It's for retrieval purposes only this year.

News on the living situation...

Mom lost her job from Lowe's. Bogus BS and lawsuit material, so they're looking for a lawyer. The other house, which was suppose to be emptied by today isn't even close. As it is, we're going to talk to them about it. We're not going to move in there. Mom and Dad are emptying the office (which was the second master bedroom - converted from the garage) for Spike and I. Brat will be staying in my old room. We'll pay them $500 a month for rent and split the cost of the utilities. This will get us caught up on the previous bills and give us something to put into savings so we can get another place later. Maybe even buy a house with some money for a down payment. 

Mom is rather ecstatic about us moving in. It helps her out as she's not so worried about not being able to pay the bills.

Writing-wise...yeah. Slow going, but it's there. Once we get us situated in the other room, I can buckle down and start writing again. It'll be nice to have my writing desk back and a room to write in.


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