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June 22, 2010

Too bad mothers' book reviews don't work for industry...

Let's see...

Apparently, showing my Mom my e-reader sparked a family whooptidoo among my parents. Dad was at his VA appointment when she called and told him she wanted one so she could read my book and he called here to get more info and pricing. We took him to Best Buy to look at what they have.

My mom is now a proud owner of Sony Touch eReader. Just so she can read my book. =) She can't access the pics on her phone and she doesn't text, but she owns an e-reader now. And she LOVES it. She took it to work with her and showed off my book.

So, Mom finished my book last night. Called to tell me a few things.

1. She liked it better than Avatar.

2. If they make a movie out of it, it has to be done through CGI because my imagination won't allow for a "real" movie (some of the abilities of my characters won't do well in a live action movie - CGI would be better equipped to handle those).

3. She'd like the High King and Maresse to have stories, and she'd like to know if I can write them both by next year.


I love my Mom. =)


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