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June 15, 2010

Oh, wow...ohwowohwowohwowohwow...

Thank you, SO MUCH, Sandra, for pointing this out to me!

Fictionwise has "Moonlight and Magick" listed in two categories -

 Click photo to enlarge...

As per their website...

The method used to calculate the lists on this page are as follows:

Best Selling eBooks: Recent
Lists the eBooks with the highest number of unit sales over the past two weeks. (Unit sales are simply the number of copies of each title sold, only eBooks that are not free are counted.)

Highest Rated Recent eBooks
Lists eBooks that have been published by Fictionwise within the last 30 days that have the highest average rating as given by Fictionwise customers. Only eBooks with at least 5 ratings are eligible. The average rating is based on: Great=4, Good=3, OK=2, Poor=1.


Thank you, everyone, for taking a chance on "Moonlight and Magick"!!


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