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December 4, 2009


I am a tea drinker. I love tea. Tea conjures images of pretty dresses, women gathering around and sipping tea from pretty china, and little dainty foods to go with it. (Oh, yes, my Victorian era fascination!)

Now, I'm no where as snobby or particular about my tea. I have my favorite flavors and blends, either tea or tisanes (herbal steeps with no tea in it)...I'm happy to toss a tea bag into a mug and steep it in hot water to desired strength. As long as I get my morning tea to wake up with and my cup of tea as I write, and sometimes a bedtime cup, I'm human and content.

I had an Asian teapot I was given. Nothing fancy. It was rather ugly, in fact. It was definitely not one to use for serving to guests. I would toss a few tea bags into the pot, ad hot water, let steep and there's my tea.

I came across a website that sold loose leaf tea. I perused their site, knowing very little about the special blends or curing techniques, or even about the different types of tea there are.

I ordered. My review of the teas is here:

Six orders later, we're loyal customers and fans of SpecialTeas.

Their shipments are always on time, their prices superb. Shipping is truly affordable and the selection is great. While we do not go for those specialized blends, we have our own favorites that we tend to order most, they have the options of sample packs, 1/2 oz packages, of many of their teas and for a $1.00 a 1/2 oz, who could pass that up? It's perfect for a 2 - 3, even four mugs worth of tea.

Our last order just arrived today and I was so excited!

If you like tea and enjoy steeping loose leaf tea, check out SpecialTeas. You can find the link on the right, under the heading, "My Stamp of Approval".

Oh, and by the way, I was not paid for this post in any way, shape or form. I'm just sharing my opinion with you.

Now, I'm going to go kick back with some tea and relax.



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