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December 3, 2009

Author taglines...what's yours?

In case you haven't already noticed (for those of you who read my blog via its mirrors), I've redone the header of my blog page. Check it out if you haven't already...

Not entirely sure if the title of my book will remain the same. Originally, I sent it in to Lyrical as "Moonlight and Magick", but I hear stories that titles usually get changed. I didn't want my blog to have the same title, but it still needed to reflect my writing. Not that my writing is magickal, but the "themes" or "elements" of my stories usually contain magick, or deal with the paranormal, hence the title of my blog.

I had to come up with a tagline as well. Trust me, this was NOT easy. For the life of me, I could NOT come up with anything that didn't sound plain stupid. I went through movie trailers, book tags, other author tags, in order to figure something out. I just could not come up with anything.

Until I redid the header banner. The mere act of switching the two words, putting Magick first, flipped on the light bulb in my head and suddenly, I had a tagline.

"Where magick dances in the moonlight and where wild things come to play."

It's suiting. It's perfect. It's a theme that fits my stories.

I love it.

Do you have a tagline and how did you come up with it?


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