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August 11, 2011


Currently in an Irish and Scottish music kick. Obviously these weeks after the Highland Games has increased my craving for Celtic excitement. (Actually, it might not be that bad as I'm not having Spike use his Scottish brogue on me....YET.)

Writing has been incredibly slow to non-existent. Writer's block compounded with Depression and a bad case of extreme isolation. Spike's car's transmission is pretty much shot (short distances are best) so he's been taking my Beast to work, leaving me without transportation. Not that there's anyplace to go. The mall, maybe...

Corset is due next week. I cannot wait. I'm so excited!

I've picked out one of my previously written and nearly round-filed (deleted) novellas to edit and rewrite. I'm liking the ideas so far. We'll see how long it lasts.


DarkArcher said...

Is there a chance we will be seeing a sequel to Moonlight and Magick at some point in the (near or far) future?