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October 17, 2010


Thanks, Tanja, for your feedback. I've been slowly adding more and more to the website. =)

Let's update things here, shall we?

Falconry - going well. SgianDubh is doing very well. I hope to get her out hunting in the next week or two. She's flying a good 150 to 200 feet from glove to glove on the whistle, she just isn't getting the lure down as much as I'd like. Still, she is getting it. There was some drama in regards to my license, from the state, but it's been taken care of on my end. I'm good to go, although my sponsor is still fighting with them.

Writing - we're still plodding along. I've written myself into a corner and had to delete a bunch of stuff to redo it. Corners are not very good. LOL.

We're settled in Mom and Dad's place. The sharing of chores and living space is going well. We can't wait to get our own place again, having had our own place for so long, and we miss having our own place, but we're doing well.


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