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October 2, 2009

Apparently, schools have changed since I last attended one...

I received Pixie-Brat's progress report for her math class. She has a few 0's on her report. Obviously, this is a bit alarming to me as I'm the one who has to force her to do her math homework (err...HOMEWORK in general) so I know she's doing the work in her notebook. So, I sent off an email to her math teacher:

Dear [name withheld],

Apparently, I seem to be missing something.

I received [daughter]'s progress report today (Oct 2, 2009) and am noticing the 0's on her report. I don't seem to understand how this works.

If [daughter] has this in her notebook as done, why is she getting a 0? Is she not turning this work in? As I'm the one who has to sit and make her do the homework, I KNOW she's getting it done.

When asked about this, her explanation is a bit murky for me, and there was one instance in which you didn't have time to look at her work to mark it as done?

I'm finding that if the work is done and in her notebook, there shouldn't be a 0 on a progress report, but I've been out of school for 20 some years, so there must have been some sort of change implemented that I wasn't aware of when I became a parent?

Please explain this process and what to do to correct the 0's.

My name

So, we'll see what's going on because I'm not sure I'm agreeing all that well with the 0's being there if the work is in the notebook. They do all their work in a spiral notebook, including a table of contents in the notebook, so I'm not seeing how a simple check of the notebook could be not done. Apparently, they don't turn in the notebooks, as they have to do their work in them so the teacher can't keep them for any length of time. are 0's coming up on a progress report?


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