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April 28, 2009

Writer's Dilemma...

There are days I think my writing is...useless. Especially when I get stuck. I'm wracking my brain trying to find a way to push it forward and come up with nothing, end up deleting major parts of the chapter to rewrite it so it can go forward...and end up writing myself in a corner again. And this is just chapter one!!

Then, when I do finish the chapter, I go back and proofread and edit...finish it, go back and re-edit...with the hope that I: a) caught all the mistakes, and b) didn't just edit the chapter too much and ruin all of my hard work. Is there such a thing as too much editing and when do you know you've reached the perfect, or close to perfect, editing and can move on?

THEN...I have to start on chapter two, worried that I edited chapter one to death and what if I left something out that should have been there and now people are confused, or did I give away too much in the first chapter? Should I take something out and tease the readers instead until later on or would that be too confusing and distracting from the plot?

Of course, that worry is distracting me from writing. Add in a hubby who just rolls his eyes when I say I'm writing and a kid who can't shut up...I end up going to take a hot shower just so I can think of what to write next...

Then I get distracted with thoughts and ideas of another story I'm either already working on or want to start working on, which ties in with the story I'm writing now...

You know...if I could somehow combine these stories, I might actually break 100,000 words and write a novel...but no...I can't seem to do it. All of my work are short stories.

I'm beginning to think I'm insane. LOL. Or at least, getting there very quickly.


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