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May 17, 2018

Name one good thing that's happened to you this year...

Sometimes, well, most of the time, when you have depression coupled with social anxiety, you can make things so much worse than it really is. I've been blaming myself, questioning myself, wondering what *I* did wrong, what *I* might have said wrong, if *I* had pushed too much. Maybe *I* wasn't supportive enough.

Maybe it wasn't me at all. Maybe it was them. Maybe something in their lives made them decide to cut all ties without any explanation, ignoring my emails, my communications. Maybe they'll reconnect when they have their issues dealt with.

I have so few close friends, and I guess with the physical distance between us, it was easier for them to move on. I've been dealing with the "mourning" aspect, and I have my moments, but I think I've cleared the most painful hurdle of it all.

ANYWAY...let's move on to happy things, shall we?

Name one good thing that's happened to you this year, so far...

December, of last year, I received a very welcome surprise. My Mom and Dad found airline tickets to Taiwan at a reasonable cost. Now, we'd already been planning to travel to Taiwan together, but we'd planned it to be October or November of this year, but one of my dream goals was to go to Taiwan during Chinese New Year, a notoriously expensive time to travel to any Asian country, but somehow, my parents pulled a rabbit from the hat.

Mom and I flew to Taiwan Jan 31st and we spent February rekindling memories (the last time I'd been back was in 1986), visiting with family members, meeting a LOT of new family members, and learning more about my Taiwanese heritage by living it.

We split travel and food, but she paid airfare and hotel, as a treat and sort of "inheritance", to build a lasting memory together.

It was wonderful! Exciting, and yet felt like home. I didn't want to leave.

We're planning a return trip in two years; with the plan to take my husband with us. If we can swing the cost, of course.

They say travel is good for the soul, that everyone should experience traveling to new places and new cultures- but they sure don't make it very easy for people like us to afford it!

So, what good thing has happened to you this year?