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March 22, 2017


I wanna take a moment to give a shoutout to my bestie, Lynn...because she helps me see things in my WIP, I might not have thought of, or corrects me on some reactions to certain things in the story. 

Sometimes, when you get into writing, you don't think of all the reactions a person might have to a certain action or stimuli. What I think someone might do is one thing, and what they actually do are two different things. My reaction to a spider might not be as a writer, I have to remember all possible scenarios a character might be put through and all possible reactions, and decide which makes more sense, or more suiting to the character.

March 3, 2017


Took the dogs out this morning to do some running in the hunting field, sans bird. Athena had a blast chasing a cottontail into the brambles, but ultimately, the bunny escaped. We don't was just to get Athena out and keeping her up on the flushing and chasing.

I think I finished chapter two. Still well below the 2200 word count I'm shooting for (it's currently at about 1600 words), but it ended at a good spot, establishing some background and motives. Now, to start on chapter three.

I think I'm the type of writer that does better without plotting and outlining. I didn't do it with my first book, and after false starts and eventually writer's block when I tried to plot and outline, I'm finding the "JUST WRITE!" philosophy works best for me. I have a general idea of what I want the chapter and the book to be about, the general plot, but for the most part, I like to be surprised with the twists and turns that come from head to fingertips to computer.

I'm still debating whether or not to try and publish the story I'm writing now, or post it to share, and use it as practice. If I do post it, it will be in its most raw form, unedited, because I don't want to take the time to edit it.