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August 6, 2009

My Scottish Stone

I want to share how awesome my Dad is. =)

He just got back from Scotland, where he was interviewed MANY times by the BBC and other news over there at the Gathering of the Clans Celebration they had. He also met Prince Charles (which was no biggie to me because I really don't like him after what he did to Princess Di) although I did say that if he met the Queen, I'd be very jealous because I've always wanted to meet her.

Anyway, he brought back little things for the family. I never expected anything because we're not a rich family and I wouldn't have wanted him to spend his money buying stuff. I did ask him to sneak me home some English toffee. REAL English toffee, like one piece, but he couldn't find any. (I've never had REAL English toffee and wanted to try some.)

What he did bring me was even better.

He brought me a stone. From Scotland. He was walking along the River Clyde and something moving in the river caught his eye. He turned to look and and saw a stone that was rolling back and forth in the Clyde below Dumbarton. He thought it looked like a miniature standing stone and he felt that he had to bring it home for me. So, he fished it out of the Clyde, wrapped it up, and brought it home to me.

I had Spike put it on a small block of wood, he hot glued it for now, so that it stood up, and I have my own miniature standing stone from Scotland on my desk.

I'm going to have a base made for it with Celtic symbols and decoration and apply the stone to the base. Later, when I've found the right symbols.

For now, it sits beside me so as I work, I can glance over at it and smile. It's a reddish brown color and when turned in the light, you can see lots of crystal sparkles in it. Not sure if it's sandstone.

The white "glitter" shining on it are the crystals.


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