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May 26, 2009

Writing and CPL

I need a shower and will take one when the washing machine is done. In the meantime, I'm working through some writing issues.

One issue being my main character, the Alpha Male is actually preferring a secondary character. THAT was totally unintentional and I'm not even sure how it happened. I just sat down to write and suddenly I'm noticing that while he thinks he prefers the main female character, his actions indicate otherwise. Of course, this is only in chapter two, but still...

I'm going to go with it though and see where it ends up. It just might mean who I thought was the main character of the story will become a secondary in the end. This means my four days of blood, sweat, and tears (the outline) meant nothing and I can't even STICK with an outline. Amusing as that may be, it's also frustrating because I *NEED* the outline, or I thought so, at least. This *WILL* be a novel, 100,000 *WILL*!! (I hope.)

Was at my brother and sister in law's since Wednesday, to babysit their brood while they were playing in Vegas. It was great to spend some time with the kiddies as I rarely see them. They live two hours north of me so it's pretty much only around the holidays I see them. Got home last night and had to reacquaint myself with the house and where everything was. I couldn't find the garbage disposal switch in my house! LOL.

Got a letter from the Puyallup Police department stating they rejected my fingerprints and I need to have them redone. *Boggle* Ok...

According to the Police department, I get three fingerprint attempts. After the third fail, they just notate it on the file and send it in. Barring my background check failure, they'll issue a CPL without fingerprints. Puyallup PD still use ink when fingerprinting for CPL's although in their jail, they use fingerprint scanning. I ought to suggest they use the scanning on the third attempt to make sure, but hey, if it fails the third time, it won't matter if they aren't legible prints, right? *Grin*

I have no problem with my background that I'm aware of. I got my falconry license without problems and that's a federal process. I would imagine Spike should have no problems as he had a high security clearance when in the military and hasn't been in trouble since.


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